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Ginseng Pure Extract
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Ginseng Extract Capsules
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Korean Red Ginseng

Power and energy for your overall health!

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Ginseng is reputed as a miraculous herb tonic used for over 2000 years in oriental countries. Its use has now spread to many large cities around the world. Ginseng tonic boosts your immune system and is used as a preventive treatment against various diseases. Korea's soil and climate are found to be the best suitable place for the cultivation of Ginseng; Korean Ginseng takes as many as 6 years to cultivate. Korean Red Ginseng has three times more Saponins (effective for the metabolism in your body) than any other Ginseng product (24 types instead of 8).

SANAVITA introduces this new generation of Korean Red Ginseng that contains anti-aging substances such as Maltol, antioxidants and insulin-like substances that are not found in other Ginseng products.

Ginseng Tea
Ginseng Tea
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