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Korean Red Ginseng
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Korean Red Ginseng FAQ.

Q: What is ginseng?


Ginseng is a wild plant root that was recorded as an elixir on the Chinese herbal literature in the 1st century. It started to be attentively cultivated during the 16th century because of its scarcity. Panax, the scientific name of ginseng in Latin, means "cure all." In Chinese, ginseng (jen-shen) means "root in the shape of man," alluding to the fact that the ginseng root is similar in shape to the human body. Ginseng is known worldwide for its general health-promoting effects on the human body and mind. It is proven to be a natural way of increasing the quality of our lives through its many positive effects.

Q: Why should I take ginseng products?


Because they can improve your life.

Health is the man's most precious possession. The daily intake of ginseng products can help the human body stay fit, improving its metabolism and generating a positive effect that helps bring out the best of many of its biological functions. Ginseng products help the body build resistance to diseases and stress by strengthening the immune system.

All the benefits mentioned above are direct consequences of ginsenosides, the unique main active ingredients found in the ginseng root. Ginsenosides have been proved by modern medicine to have strong health-promoting effects on the human metabolism, among which increasing vitality, boosting mental efficiency and promoting greater stamina and endurance, therefore preventing tiredness and the debilitating effects of old age. These ginsenosides work as adaptogens, meaning that they help the body adapt to biological stress in a natural way.

Q: Why should I take Korean Red Ginseng products?


Because Korean Red Ginseng is considered the best-most effective-of all ginseng varieties available on the marketplace.

Korean Red Ginseng is 100% organically grown, therefore containing a rich blend of 42 minerals, as well as vitamins, essential oils, amino acids and enzymes. Koreas' soil and climate are found to be the best suitable place for the cultivation of red ginseng, due to the fortunate location of the Korean Peninsula (Latitude 36-38N). The Korean Red Ginseng root contains more active elements than any other ginseng root, due to the fact that it takes a longer period to mature (6 years). The soil where Korean Red Ginseng is cultivated requires special care, demanding an interval of at least ten years between harvests.

Together with its health-promoting effects on the human body, Korean Red Ginseng can also have positive effects on the human mind, improving its performance. It has been proved by doctors that Korean Red Ginseng enhances brain activity and promotes psychological stability by a controlling mechanism that stimulates and tranquilizes the mind. It is said that Korean Red Ginseng is prescribed as part of astronauts' diets because of its preventive and curative properties.

Also, Korean Red Ginseng contains three times more ginsenosides (24) than any other ginsengs (8 in average), proving that it is the most effective of all ginsengs. All of the above makes Korean Red Ginseng an unparalleled natural source of nutrients for a healthy body and mind.

The producers of our Korean Red Ginseng brand have a commitment to bringing you high quality processed Korean Red Ginseng products. They have accumulated years of experience in manufacturing Korean Ginseng products. They have been awarded several times as outstanding manufacturers and exporters of quality ginseng products. We believe that Korean Red Ginseng can help people live better lives, experiencing the joy of health in body and mind to its fullest.

It has been found that the human body can benefit more from the many positive effects caused by the ginseng root if it is taken in a processed form rather than whole or in ground form. Scientists have found that ginseng cells are very hard to be fully digested by the human body, therefore when taken in whole or ground form many of its health promoting components are wasted.

In order to make it possible for people to take full advantage of the wonderful benefits of Korean Red Ginseng, it is cultivated on the best plains of Korea. Our unique process observes ancient methods combining them with modern technology, providing people with award-winning high quality products.

We offer several easy-to-use Korean Red Ginseng products, such as Korean Red Ginseng Pure Extract, Korean Red Ginseng Extract Capsules, and Korean Red Ginseng Tea. Every product is made from the best roots we organically cultivate and each product is intended to fit peoples' preferences and lifestyles.

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